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Originally Posted by Kobaiyashi View Post
Had the crappiest morning ever and to top it off, got a speeding ticket today. Damn!

I was rounding a large hill in Newport Beach and the cop, who was positioned near the top of the hill, caught me on radar (“Lidor”?) going 82 in a 60. I did my best to be respectful and cooperative –and the cop was very nice and professional—but still got the ticket.

The cop said he was giving me a break by only citing me for CVC §22349(a) – exceeding max speed limit of 65 MPH.” I’m unsure how this is giving me a break? Perhaps just because the court will give me a lesser fine?

More pressing to me, however, is that I just got a speeding ticket 3 months ago (85 in a 75!) and completed traffic school last week. As such, it doesn’t look like I can do anything to minimize the pain this ticket is going to cause my wallet. The Orange County Superior Court’s website references the possibility of Level II traffic school for those who get more than one ticket in 18 months, but a Google search revealed that though completion of that school will erase the point from your DMV record, it is not confidential. As a result, it appears that my insurance company will know that I got this second ticket regardless and, perhaps will even be able to figure out about the first ticket (he went to traffic school and got a point, that must mean he’s already been to traffic school once before).

Any advice on what to do?…. aside from not speeding/getting a radar detector!!