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The wheel arrived today!
Originally we had other wheels on order, but we changed to getting BBS RE due to few reasons.

-. I do not like the deep-dish wheel personally.
-. I did not want to go with Matt black because it dulls out the car too much on AW in my opinion
-. I always wanted something different than just deep dish or concave wheels
-. GT Motoring/Challenge has been always into "MotorSports" and we wanted the wheel that can represent "Motorsports" theme.
-. Stock 19in are already lightweight & monoblock forged rim was ONLY choice we would have for 20in.

Anyways, these are first 20in BBS RE for M3 in NA which were freshly air shipped from Japan.
These RE are "Made in Japan"

Specs are..
Forged Monoblock.
20x9 ET13
20x10 ET20
Which we believe it is "PERFECT offset" fitment for E9x M3.

Tease pix.
Full mounted pix will be up by end of this week.