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Track Experience Sebring / Carbotechs

Great time out this last sunday. I continue to be completely overwhelmed by the compotence of this car in stock form.

This is 2nd track day, first day out (3 months ago) pads faded badly within about 2 laps. I used Carbotechs (XP12s and XP10s) this time and they were fantastic, don't know the wear yet (still on the car), but the fade/grip/feel is all very good (and you can't beat the price).

Boiled the fluid pretty quickly and replaced with ATE blue - held up great the rest of the day.

I stuck with PS2s to keep from pushing the brakes too, too hard. Stock tires are really pretty incredible for street tires.

Overall, just an incredible and balanced car that completely belies it's weight. You can throw on decent track pads and fluid and drive like a madman all day long. I suspect R-comps would overwork the stock brakes, but don't know for sure as corner entry speeds would be higher too.

My new exhaust cut-outs turned quite a few heads as the car looks completely stock and sounds like an uncorked race boat.