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Originally Posted by Rambler View Post
Has anyone done a high-level poll to determine of the 1-series haters, how many are 3-series owners vs. everyone else? Just curious as to whether there is a noteable amount of bias in either direction.

My initial real-life observations:

When I was at the dealer last week to first test drive the 1 series, guess which car had the most amount of customers admiring it? The 1-series

Guess which car 2 of the salesmen had on order: The 1-series

Guess which car all my co-workers prefer (based on looks) after seeing my 135 parked next to my boss' 335xi? My 135... also, I work for a CPA firm where many of my co-workers tend to be more conservative in their style preferences.

Do any of these observations mean one is better or prettier than the other? Of course not.

I'm just trying to point out that while some may find the 1-series to be ugly, I have found in my short-lived experience with the car thus far that people are not reacting in the "OMG that car is so fugly" manner that I keep reading.

I love both the 1 and 3 series but to me, other than the M3, the 1-series is the best looking in the new BMW line-up. Of course, the shoe-box is also one of my favorites!

you hit the nail on the head imho

I would say of the 1 series style haters and haters in general, especially in this thread, 7 out of 10 are e92 owners and 90% of those are e92 N54 owners hating on the 1, make you think to yourself: hmmmmm

I do myself think the 3 coupe is gorgeous, and better looking than the one over all but the 1 is by no means up there with the likes of the PT cruiser, the scion xB, the toyota prius, the lexus es and especially no where near the champion of all fugly cars ever: the pontiac aztec
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