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Originally Posted by dogears View Post
Here goes....

Did you ever complete the 9 or 10 inch sub swap you were contemplating? My good friend runs a high end car audio shop and I was thinking of swapping the 8 inch stock subs for some 10 inchers if they both fit and are available in 6-8 ohms.

I am happy with the enhanced sound, but do agree it could use a tad more bottom. I am only considering this as I could get it done relatively inexpensively and it would add several db of low end extension which would fatten things tremendously.

My friend can fab any kind of custom enclosure for the under seat area.

Of course the other alternative is figuring out some way to run the SWS8 under there. Any definitive LOC that will work? I was not able to figure it out based on all the prior threads. Seemed nothing could handle the juice.

I want to add that none of this means that I think the EPS was not worth it! Still better than my Lexus and Infiniti systems.... I am just a tweaker and modder. Like a disease I guess!
The new Pionner Premier shallow 10" subs that I was looking for just got available early this month, so I'm ordering one next week just to see if they can fit in the open area under the seat.

If they do then it is going to take awhile to create a custom enclosure as my car will have to serve as the test bed for a couple of days and right now that is impossible.

There is a thread in E90post of a 9" Morel mid installation under the seats with a custom enclosure, so installing a shallow 10" in a custom enclosure could be a possibility but I think that it will have to be a little taller for the sub cone face to clear two metal beams running perpendicular to the seat frame; the Pioneer 10" unit face width is 11", those beams will not allow these subs to be place between them, so they will have to be placed on top of them.

Then the issue will be how the seat frame will fit with those enclosures there. That's the reason it will take some time and money to clear those issues, and right now I got something else to be working at.