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Originally Posted by Boosted335 View Post
It only leaves two explanations to those numbers...

this car had to be modified to be super fast to make up for its handelings...
or this car was a special car that weighted much less...
or both
Those are not quite THE ONLY two explanations...

The other explanation, held by many, is the following. Despite some observed (observed by way of 1/4 mi traps) hp variations in early and production GT-Rs, production GT-Rs have about 530 hp. As well a monumental factory funded effort took place: On the observed ~7:30 lap times a combination of an ex F1 driver, near race sticky rubber and favorable track conditions, along with a very advanced drivetrain have produced some incredible times - even for 530 hp at this weight.

That's probably roughly what you meant but we have debated this so extesively here in other threads I felt it necessary to add this. Cheers.