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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
With the all important ~50 hp under rating we have been on the same page here for eons...

I would not go quite so far. One of his key observations is simply that a 480 hp, 3800 lb car can not best other with massively better power to weight ratios. We all also agree on this fact as well. Now since the car must be (IS) underated to get this time it all comes down to semantics as to whether this achievement is "fake". In my book it is.
totally my point....


You realize its much easier to drive a gtr to its limit then a gt3? Your thought is completely wrong. A gt3 is one fast track car, my buddy who owns a z06 with suspension work even complains he cant keep up with them(only on the straights for a little).

You need to understand that for such a heavy ass car, those numbers dont make sense and never will, if weight was never an issue then why on earth are all the race cars so light.

the gt2 is 530hp and weights 3050 pounds 17lbs per hp
gtr- 480hp and 3800 pounds 12lbs per hp

I would love to hear an explanation to this? You realize how much damage 750 pounds does to a cars handling and characteristics?

It only leaves two explanations to those numbers...

this car had to be modified to be super fast to make up for its handelings...
or this car was a special car that weighted much less...
or both

Please dont use media there as an excuse, did the media dyno the car? or did they put the car on a scale? or did they check to see if the car was stock?

Media is Media...that doesnt bring points your way..

Oh and pleease stop reading to many magazines, they are all fixed and regulated. I dont care what anyone says....

A gtr in real life has trouble hanging with even a gt3. Either this car is very under-rate

Name me one car in the time zone near the gtrs weight and i will honestly stfu. I doubt the gtrs techonology changes pyshics, it cant and get it right it wont.

I would understand if this car was trying to beat a 3000 pound lotus exige, however you realize you are comparing this car to a GT2, which is no regular car, its got a purchase, thats why its not a regular 911.