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Originally Posted by footie View Post
The 2.1simga on the TopGear track was with a skilled professional driver of a caliber you will see in anything from F1, endurance racing or other single seaters. Now when you consider how basic the TopGear track is then you can understand why I believe with the right amount of backing, seat time and quality driver who has been there from the start of the programme that both lap times are possible from a healthy stock car.
With the all important ~50 hp under rating we have been on the same page here for eons...

Originally Posted by footie View Post
Boosted335 comments do little to this discussion other than prove how narrow minded some people are, to seriously believe that this latest lap from Nissan is fake considering that not only were the press being present but Porsche themselves were there too.
I would not go quite so far. One of his key observations is simply that a 480 hp, 3800 lb car can not best other with massively better power to weight ratios. We all also agree on this fact as well. Now since the car must be (IS) underated to get this time it all comes down to semantics as to whether this achievement is "fake". In my book it is.