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I'll email Keith.

For now, here's what he posted on m3f (his alias is KDK):

If anyone from the SF/Bay Area and beyond wants to join in on the Bay Bimmerz Caravan and I don't already have your info, please PM me the info needed below.
We will leave VERY EARLY Friday morning, May 1 and return Sunday May 3.
You will be sent an official Evite with all the times, meeting spots, etc.. when I get your info.

There will also be other caravan info on our Bay Bimmerz site, for the North Bay, Sacramento, Oregon, Washington & Canada caravan's, that will meet up with us ultimately in Gilroy, CA.

Info needed:

1. Your email address
2. Your REAL FULL name (not forum name)
3. Model of BMW
4. Year
5. Color
6. City you're from

If you look at past Bimmerfest information, you will see related threads on prior Bay Bimmerz Caravan's to Santa Barbara.

I/we look foward to Bimmerfest '09.

Caravan Disclaimer - PLEASE READ!!!


We are very honored to have all of you join us on this year's Bimmerfest
caravan. wants to make sure we all read this prior to joining
the caravan to Bimmerfest. We know that we will have a fun and most of all
safe drive down and back. Please remember to keep your fellow enthusiasts in
mind and be safe at all times. will not be held responsible
for any negligence, reckless behavior or lack of judgment for those
participating in our drives. We hope you all remain safe so we can continue
to enjoy this wonderful hobby.

Caravans to Bimmerfest are not sanctioned by the promoters of the event,
M3Forum,BayBimmerz, or any and all employees/agents/representatives
from the organizations, sponsors, vendors, or affiliates cannot be held
liable for accidents involving caravan participants. You are participating
at your own risk.

Thank you,

The Bay Bimmerz Crew
"It's like being at Thunderhill, only without a helmet" -- Itzkirb riding shotgun with me.