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Originally Posted by noxredna View Post
Why are you even towing your car to the track? Are you running radials already? If not why don't you just drive the m3 onto the track? That is what makes the e92 m3 so special.

I did a trackday over at NJMP last weekend with the Porsche club. Had a bunch of cup cars, GT3s, etc. and most of them were gutted out with roll cage and were towed onto the track. I just drove onto the track with my E92 m3, warm it up a little bit, drove with them and kept up with them an after my sessions were done, I just drove right out of the track compound back to my apartment.
Need to rent a open air tailer I guess. I am right at the capacity with a trailer at 2,400lbs and my Fat M3 at 3,500lbs

1. The track is 800 miles away
2. I have Track Tires on
3. My wife has the x5 to drive around while I am at the track.
4. What makes the M3 so special? Me.
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