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Originally Posted by footie View Post
May be you forgot to add that Chris did say that the GTR was a friend's car on lone which might make you not want to put the last possible second out of the car in fear of an accident, unlike the Porsche factory supplied GT2. You also forgot to mention that the GTR was equipped with Bridgestones and not Dunlops which are approxiately 5 seconds quicker per lap.

I think when all things are considered the two cars should have been even stevens with possibly the GTR just pulling ahead based on the above information.
You forgot to mention the track was cold and wet, which pretty much erases any tire advantage the GT2 has and actually swings things in favor of the AWD GT-R. You also forgot to mention that Chris had this to say at the end of test: "I felt I came much closer to extracting the maximum performance of the Nissan on this single-flying-lap challenge than I did the Porsche." So much for your claim he took it easy in a friend's car.

Look, you can make as many excuses for the GT-R as you want. The best heads-up comparison of two cars as close to factory stock as possible shows the GT2 had the edge on that day - on a damp, cold track no less.
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