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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Let me respond to the section you added/edited later, which actually has content. Sure, I noted in post #35 that would indeed bring up new interpretation issues. Regardless, having a nuetral party test the cars after or before the runs would drastically reduce the controversy. (Some might say a manufacturer "remotely" triggered a different version of the code while the car was in the hands of the neutral party, etc. I personally would not worry about it).

And, in case if you haven't noticed, the discussion on this topic goes well beyond internet forums, so clearly the public does not percieve it as the non-issue you make it to be. There is absolutely nothing wrong with demanding that manufacturers make accurate claims about their products. That applies to every single car company, or any company that sells a product, in my book. I have owned several Z-cars, which I really liked, and have no personal attachment to the BMW brand.
Save for twit forums such as this one, Nissan has indeed laid everything to rest with that observed 7:27.