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Originally Posted by ColoCane View Post
Thanks, RadarKing. That helps... a lot.

When you get the 9500ci, doesn't it come with the ZR4? Can you order it without and go with Laser Interceptors (I had read that Guys of Lidar article)?
You can't order the Escort 9500ci without the ZR4 laser jammer but you can either turn it off or put it in receive only mode so that it only detects laser and doesn't attempt to jam it. I believe the default setting for the Escort 9500ci's ZR4 is receive mode and you have to change the setting to jam mode. Some people have had problems with multiple laser jammers messing with each other or "cross-talk" as they call it. You might want to consider turning it off if you are going to be running a Laser Interceptor which can more than handle any laser threat by itself.