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Originally Posted by monsta View Post
check out the threads in this section...couple of us are planning drives soon...if your in Englewoodcliffs then you obviously know about the Palisades Pkwy take that up to BearMtn...after you done playing around in that area cross BearMTN bridge make a right and make sure no cars are in front of you Have a blast and becareful for the rockwalls!! this is a start let me know if you need more help...
Only thing that sucks about the Palisades are the rediculous amount of cops on it. Be sure your Passport or V1 are in top shape before heading up that way, because even relaxing and enjoying the ride its hard not to go slower than the measly 55, and they do enforce the 55...

If you can get out to the southern Terminus of 17 the best way to get up to the Bear Mountain Traffic circle is through Harriman State Park (7 lakes drive). And the right after the bridge definitely is a fun and wild drive that really demos the M3s oneness with the road.

I also always recommend to people that they drive through West Point to take in the beauty of the academy (you just need ID and will have to open you trunk for the gate guards) and then make a right after you leave Washington Gate. Thats another very fun run thats a little less extreme than the right after the bridge but has less cars and is a bit longer. Plus its got a great scenic overlook.

Monsta, we should link up after this weekends meet and if you have some time I can show you what I am talking about above.
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