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Originally Posted by ColoCane View Post
Still have questions about mounting shifters. Yes or no behind the grill? And 360 degree detection (can't believe that Escort would have a premier model that didn't perform as well as their windshield models)? But that's another thread...
Do not get the Escort ZR4 laser jammer because it is a POS. You need to get a quality laser diode laser jammer like the Laser Interceptor. No laser jammer will work correctly if it is mounted behind the grill or any other piece of the car.

Correct way to mount a laser jammer:

"Divide the middle of the vehicle in two parts. The LASER INTERCEPTOR has two units which is to be mounted on the front of the vehicle between the headlights. Install one unit in the first half and the other one in the second half as showed in the picture below. The two laser transceivers are mounted on the front of the vehicle, normally within the front grill, 40cm to 70cm apart. The lens (bubbles) have to be facing outwards, and the fastening eyes have to be secured on the body of the vehicle. There must not be any obstacles in front of the lenses; otherwise, the device will not work optimally."

This is the Laser Interceptor forum that shows you where to mount it on a BMW.