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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
you are asking if you can power 40w subwoofers with 180w?
short answer is NO
way too much power
just replace them with the earthquake subs
The reason I was asking is because I don't really know what I want to do with the subs yet. So hooking up the OEM would be a temporary thing while I figure it out. I'm not sure what the actual rating of those woofers are. All I know is that the OEM amp feeds those woofers 40W. Just throwing the SWS-8 in there is not really the answer because if I decide on going another route then I'll just be wasting my money on the SWS. I'm already looking at something different but I'll have to confirm with my installer tomorrow whether he thinks he can do it or not. What I'm looking for is a 0.3 cu ft sealed enclosure that can provide about 3" of mounting depth for the woofer. If he can build something like that, then the SWS will probably be out of the consideration.

Right now I might have to change my game plan for the amp too since it looks like it will be a really tight fit if at all. I'll probably be going down to my local dealer tomorrow to have the amp test fitted. Right now, the only thing that is really set is the replacements for the 4" mids and tweeters in the front doors. Those have already been purchased.
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