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Another Engine Malfunction! Reduced power

Today it's my turn to get all the error messages, DSC, DBC, Emission etc. The car is October 08 build.

So here is exactly what happened:

Started the engine, noticed the idle speed was only 200-300 rpm, then just a couple seconds, all the error messages come up on i-Drive screen. The idle was then at 1000rpm and warn up redline stays at 5000rpm. It did not go away after multiple restarts. I then slowly drove home, couldn't even out accelerate an Lincoln limo.

After I got home, restarted it a couple more times, now it only has the Increased emission error showing. There is the "tatata..." noise coming from the engine and I feel it wants to stall, it feels very weak although it is idling at 500rpm.

Just a couple questions, are all the error messages stored in the car? So when I take it to the dealer they don't say "we didn't find anything." Second, is this the idle-air actuator that the Service Bulletin 13-05-08 talks about? When I take the car in, shall I just let them find what's wrong or tell them to perform this service bulletin.

Many thanks in advance for advice on this situation, below are 2 photos that I have taken.
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