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Originally Posted by doba_s View Post
Great job!
Originally Posted by camaross305 View Post
dmn i wish i could have you guys install my 9500ci
Thanks man!

Originally Posted by schadenfreude View Post
Slick install. Maybe even worth a drive down! I'm still debating on whether to go with the ci or a windshield unit.
Thanks, we'd be glad to help you out!

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I presume because it doesn't have a clear "view". Does that mean that only windshield units have 360 degree protection?

There was another thread that went to great lengths discussing that there is significant degredation behind the mesh and a much better chance for punchthrough on the laser. Can someone clarify this? It's a big investment to not have it work... and costly when you find out it doesn't when the cop walks up to your car!

Me too. Hence the questions above. I think I've settled the 9500 v. V1 debate, in my mind (people have very loyal allegiance both ways), and am thinking it's worth the custom install for the 9500ci, but for the $$$$, want to know it works like a charm, from all sides...

Also have issue with a jammer in Colorado.
We work directly with Escort, and their research has determined that the larger mesh openings don't affect performance. Smaller mesh openings do, however, and an alternative would need to be found in some cases.

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P.S. By the way, 503... great install. Real clean. Here's to "take the time, do it right."
Thanks! We are glad to take time to do things right and offer competitive prices.