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Long Beach Grand Prix ALMS BMW M3! Anyone going?

Hey everyone. I was in Long Beach today watching the ALMS practice run at 5:00pm. Watching and listening to the M3 racers was amazing! They are not as loud as the Ford GT40 or Corvettes(the loudest) but still a treat to your senses. I will be out of town this weekend and I hope some of you will be here and take better pictures or even videos.

Technical Specifications BMW M3 Race Version.
(copy and pasted from this thread by Sick Speed:

* Weight: 2,535 lbs./1150 kg
* Tank capacity: 29 gallons/110 Liters
* Chassis/body: Unitary construction steel body with welded safety cell made of extremely rigid precision steel tubing; safety fuel tank in CRP sandwich tray; pneumatic four-stamp jack system
* Aerodynamics: Front fenders, rear apron, hood, roof, trunk lid, rear wing, front wings, and flared rear wheel arches in CRP
* Transmission: Carbon fiber clutch with hydraulic central slave cylinder; 6-speed sequential racing transmission with straight-cut, unsynchronized gears; additional oil/air cooler; quick shift system with ignition cut-out controlled by shifting force; mechanical limited slip differential with additional oil/air cooler
* Front axle: Based on production version, with increased wheel caster angle, enlarged track width and enhanced wheel camber; five-way adjustable shock absorbers; tubular stabilizer bar
* Rear axle: Based on production version, with enlarged track width and enhanced wheel camber; five-way adjustable shock absorbers, tubular stabilizer bar
* Front brake system: Six-piston aluminum brake calipers, inner-vented grey-cast iron brake disks 15.0 in./380mm in diameter
* Rear brake system: Four-piston aluminum brake calipers, grey-cast iron brake disk, 13.1 in./332mm in diameter
* Steering: Rack and pinion steering with electro-hydraulic power
* Wheels: Aluminum wheels, 18 inches

BMW P65 Engine.

* Type: Eight cylinder, V-configuration
* Capacity: 3999 cc
* Bore x stroke: 92 x 75.2 mm/3.62 x 2.96 in.
* Max. output: approx. 485 bhp
* Max. torque: approx. 368 lb-ft/500 Nm
* Cylinder block: Aluminum cylinder block construction with bed plate lower section
* Crankshaft: Steel crankshaft
* Pistons: Forged skirt pistons
* Conrods: High-performance steel
* Cylinder head: Aluminum DOHC (Double Over Head Camshaft); four valves per cylinder
* Valve train: Four overhead chain-driven camshafts, valve actuation via rocker arms
* Intake system: Eight throttle valves, made of CRP with load-charge optimized ram tubes
* Exhaust system: Headers, mufflers
* Fuel system: Single cylinder multi-point injection
* Lubrication: Dry sump lubrication
* Cooling: Water/air cooler and oil/water heat exchanger


* Engine management: BMW Motorsport ECU 408 with two high-performance micro-processors; Individual cylinder injection and ignition; BMW Motorsport Lambda Controller
Pit speed limiter, Quick Shift function; Engine data memory system
* Energy management: Electric energy management and monitoring with BMW Motorsport POWER400 control unit, networking of all sensors and actuators through bus system
* Wiring harness: Weight optimized
* Ignition coil: Eight high-performance pencil coils with integrated ignition drivers
* Spark plugs: High-performance spark plugs
* Cockpit: Free programmable LCD Display with integrated shift indicators
* Steering wheel: Quick release multi-function steering wheel w/ integrated display unit

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