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Originally Posted by crashandburn45 View Post
first what...?

Originally Posted by noro View Post
Company is loosing focus for the sake of dollars (or euros to be more precise). Notice how when you hit the Toyota site there are like 40 different cars they make. BMW is turning into a similar company. In a decade they will be nothing more than just another car company.

Might be a good thing thought, I will finally push myself into the Porsche brand. Cayman is the next vehicle in line for me if I can get away with a coupe next time.

Goodbye BMW, if you ever want to get back to making awesome cars you can come play with my M3 for a while to remind you of what you once were.
I believe the correct analogy would be to compare them to Mercedes, not Toyota. If you really believe that by making more cars the company is "loosing focus" and you won't buy any more from them is frankly stupid. Who says they're not going to continue making excellent cars? Who says that all these new products aren't going to be just as amazing to drive as before?

What you really said is that BMW is getting too common, and that you don't want to be associated with the masses, so you're going to go to a more "exclusive" brand. Don't get your reasons confused.