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Originally Posted by 2thdr View Post
What sizes are you planning on running? Are you on 19" or 20" rims? Coupe or Sedan?

I have been debating my set up as well for the last little while and am starting to settle in on PZeros as well. I also went with the P40s, in a 19" with 10.5" at the rear.

For tire size, I was thinking of 255/35R19 Front and 295/30R19 in the rear. Is that what you decided on?
I have the Sedan.

I am going with HRE's recommended fitment. 9" 255/35/19 FRONT & 10.5" 295/30/19 REAR.

I can't wait to get these on, for the price, my expectations are high. I have never spent this much on wheels and tires before.

In fact I have never spent this much on a single mod for any car before.

As far as the P Zeros, I spent about 2 weeks deciding between the proven PS2 and the new P Zero. I can't wait to see how they perform.

From what I have read in a nut shell, they grip a little harder than the PS2, but are louder and have a little higher rolling resistance (which would make sense if they grip harder). Wet traction and hydroplanning are close to each other, and I would expect a little crisper turn-in as the sidewalls are not as soft as the PS2 and are better reinforced.

Good luck with your choice
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