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Originally Posted by Luv2Axlr8 View Post
Liverpool Fc fan. YNWA.
Originally Posted by chompino View Post
Chelsea fan here!!!

Originally Posted by godora View Post
yea, juventus fan over here
Halla buddies
Originally Posted by amdmaxx View Post
Arsenal fan here - go gunners..
Sweet matches coming up.. Chelsea vs barca and ManU vs Arsenal.
Messi vs Essien... kracker of a game gonna be..
Originally Posted by jlaw View Post
Arsenal fan here.

Man U fans are like Yankee fans. F. that a bad thing?

Anyway, as I said, huge respect to Arsene Wenger's Arsenal

Originally Posted by iPodAddict View Post
I'm a torn fan between Chelsea and Man-U.

I love Man-U because they almost always seem the most "hungry" to win every competition.

I love Chelsea for being such a beautifully co-ordinated team. The chemistry is like none other! Jose Mourinho left his mark there and it still remains to flourish while hes gone.

I would love to see it Chelsea vs. Man-U at the finals once more.
+1 on the hungry nature of MAN U. And halla buddy
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