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Originally Posted by 2008e93M3lease View Post
Technic, do you have a shop in ft lauderdale? I'm moving to Miami so I can visit you. How much do you want for labor? How much do you think I can get for my old idrive system?
The issue right now is that, regardless of getting all the parts and installing them (all the existing iDrive connectors did not change from 2008 to 2009), there is no official programming available to make this work, in case that there is a miscommunication of components once you plug the CIC.

Unfortunately, the only way to find out is to plug everything and see what happens. I think that the Nav system, radio, CD Player, HD Radio and HDD functions will work right out the bat, including the new iDrive controller. My guess is based in that the new controller works with the old iDrive, which tells me that the communication protocol data packets must be the same between the 2008 iDrive and the 2009 iDrive. So all the functions within the CIC should work without programming; at least the sucker should turn on once connected. However anything that communicates audio in or out the CIC may not (iPod USB, Assist, Sirius).

If the CIC unit comes not programmed by defaut to output audio (be digital or analog) then that will be the major problem that only programming can solve.

I don't know if the CIC can be ordered pre-programmed for a particular audio equipment configuration, as that would be perfect as then it could be really a plug 'n play swap. Nevertheless, if you can get a 2009 M3 configured audio-wise as yours then you could get your CIC programmed at the dealer in that M3 and then plug it in yours. Most probably the ID information of your Assist and the ESN of your the Sirius -if so equipped- will have to be programmed in that CIC while installed in that 2009.

In particular, the Assist TCU unit should be a GSM unit (production 04/08-on) to properly work with the CIC; old CDMA Assist TCUs (up to-03/08) may not work, or at least the Google Search feature will not be possible.

That could work, but then again it is just a guess.

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