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Originally Posted by AckM3 View Post
LOL, I was gonna ask about that. It looks like a KW v3 drop, is that what you're planning to get? Trunk is sexy, and the car is sick overall, keep it clean!
No, going with TCK DAs
Originally Posted by DevJ View Post
Wow Mpower, i love your car! You always have awesome pics!

Originally Posted by mach330 View Post
i think i'm the only one that doesn't like the ericsson bootlid. i like the csl's better, but to each his own. looks great though from the side nontheless.
You're not the only one. I think that 2 or 3 out of 10 dislike the ericsson style boot.

Originally Posted by Ca$hOnly View Post
Is it just me or is it kind of lame to lower your car with Photoshop. What's the point of actually doing mods when you can just make it look perfect on your PC.

Meh...maybe I'm just a nit.

Car does look awesome though.
I hear ya, but what would have been more lame would have been to try and play it as a real drop. For me, with photography as a hobby, i just want the pics to look good... and wheel well gap no look good.

Here's a few more at slightly different angles.


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