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Originally Posted by Bobby_Light View Post
If you like crossfit, go for it. I will not discourage physical activity as there are far too may inactive people.

There are potential reasons why you are getting better results from crossfit than other training methodologies you have tried. You are putting more effort into it than before. You weren't well versed with execution of your previous programs. You like being part of a team. You are more consistent with your training than before. You're paying for training. Your diet has improved.

High caliber coaching is certainly relative to your experience. If I stopped playing sports in HS, I would have thought my HS coaches were high caliber. It turns out they had their heads up their asses.

The best programs are personalized and periodized. Crossfit is neither. There are numerous imbalances that are fostered by society's postural issues. Not addressing the imbalance of the individual within a training program results in poor recruitment of fibers due to compensation, improper movement patterns, and an environment for injury. You must constantly assess and attack tightness, weakness, and imbalance if your program is worth a grain of salt.

In addition because I do lab testing on my clients for internal stressor, I understand that many trainees are already too stressed and doing a one size fits all program does not allow them to adjust workouts for their stress level. Exercise is a stressor and must be treated as one. Sometimes less is more.
High caliber to me is people who have coached athletes at the olympic level.

You should try Crossfit for a few months and see how it works for you.