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I ordered my M3 sedan in December for ED April 17th. It coincides with my kid's spring break. It also works out as far as missing the summer crowds in Europe. The other nice thing is redelivery should be early June.

Anyway, I thought I was all set until I saw this thread pop up in February. I couldn't figure out why they would no longer offer the alarm. I got my CA to add the factory alarm option the day before it went 150. I called him the next day to add the smoker's package in but it was too late and not possible. I don't smoke but didn't want an open plastic storage bin. It looks like we get the bin with a lid. At least the vert does so I assume it is accross all the models.

I can understand your frustration. I think you dealer should give you the alarm for the original factory price.

I owe it to this and another board to stay ahead of what my CA knows. Thanks

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