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Originally Posted by TIMBO_M3 View Post
Hey South....its been more than a month since this last posting. I don't mean to challenge your expertise, but is there any new information on this at all? I'm in the unfortunate position where I ordered my 09 M3 right before the alarm became an option. Now, its past time to change my order to add the alarm. Feels like I'm stuck.

I'm ok with this if I still get the audible confirmation? or at least maybe get the red light on the rearview mirror?

What are my chances with no factory alarm?
Are you sure your car is already being built? My understanding is that as of mid March, the alarm is a factory option only. They are not pre-wiring so that the dealer can add it later. I just got my change in before my car went 150 status. I am not sure if the factory installed alarm is exactly the same or a revised version. I don't know if they add the red nose if the alarm is not ordered. I will be at the Welt on Friday and will ask them.

It seems like there is a lot of confusion about the March changes.