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Originally Posted by jmlaudio View Post
The two that we prefer is the K40 caliber dl/h with diffuser ex and the passport 9500ci the technology in the 9500 is a bit more advanced then the k40 and we prefer the cosmetics and control of the k40 to the 9500. Both great built in solutions we use everyday. The biggest thing these have over ANY of the dash mount units in protection against laser not just detection. Have a good afternoon. Happy Sunday!
The K40 is an overpriced POS that has marginal radar detection and no ability to jam laser guns today. It is marketed at rich guys who don't know any better that assume that something must work well if you drop a couple thousand on it. Just go to YouTube and type in K40 and laser and there is not one video of the K40 jamming laser but there are many videos of it not working as advertised.

As far as the Escort 9500ci, it is $1600 and it comes with a crappy laser jammer called the Escort Shifter ZR4 that doesn't work very well at all.

If you want an excellent laser jammer, the K40 and Escort ZR4 are not even close to the Laser Interceptor in performance.