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I was sort of unsure about flooring car right after break in. felt like the car would undergo a lot of stress even after the 1200 mile service so i did a little research and came up with this..... didn't really see any other thread on this so here ya go.

Quote from: Tim M of

I've read lots of posts in this board with owners taking the car out of the dealer straight to the red-line.

You are supposed to gradually increase the rpms and road speed after the first service not go straight to full bore. It is a common mistake made by M owners. If you immediately use full power you are going to need another oil change in 2000 miles due to all the bits of metal floating around in it. The electronic dipstick measures the capacitance of the oil which changes as deposits form. It will alter the miles to oil change service based on the rate of change of capacitance.

Build up to full bore gently, and don't be in too much hurry to get there - always make sure the oil temperature gauge is in the middle before you take it much past 4,000 rpm and your engine won't go pop. It isn't fully run in until 3,000 miles - you've got another 1800 to go. You've also got to be careful of high speed runs as the rest of the drivetrain needs to bed in during this period.

By all means have the odd blast, but reserve the full 8.5k for a few hundred miles down the road. I've run in 6 M engines in the last 6 years and have contact with my regional service manager so I promise I'm not making this up.

I guess I'm going to have to drive a few more miles before I can use the 8.3k rpm...
i don't think we have an oil temperature gauge? the one in the middle is the coolant temperature. i just wait until the computer gives me an oil level reading since the manual states that i won't get a reading until the engine is at a normal temperature..
Future mod consideration: exhaust, pulley
otherwise, very happy with how the m3 was born