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I now have about 7500km on the car and am taking it in for a second oil change next week.

I was super diligent about varying the rpm the first 2000km and didn't get to red line until after that oil change. Never above 5500 during the initial period and mostly shifted between 3500 and 5000. More traffic dependent than anything. After about 2500 km I ran it up to red line once or twice and now its really situational. It seems there is always too much traffic to go into "full hooligan mode".

The car doesn't burn a drop of oil and there is no soot on the tailpipe. It runs great, never had an issue. I drive it about 50 50 in M mode (sport plus).

I wonder if there are any electronic safeguards built in to prevent one from running it in too hard? Like reducing power above a certain rpm?

I did notice once or twice that it seemed to have a bit of flat spot in the power over 6000 rpm in between 2500km and about 5000km but haven't experienced it since. It was almost like the clutch was slipping or something.

When I used to race motorcross we always judged how well a fresh engine was broken in by the level of goo building up on the exhaust. More was bad, less was good.
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