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OEM wheel weights

Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
So just to clarify the weights of the wheels and tires you list in these pics are the OEM 19" M3 wheels with stock PS2 tires? (or what do you mean by "but tires are 20mm wider"?

If so, the Tirerack lists the stock PS2's as 24 lbs front and 25 lbs rear.
So the OEM 19" M3 wheels weigh:
23 lbs front
26.5 lbs rear

That's pretty light for 19" OEM wheels from BMW
Yes, those are the stock 19 wheels and 245/265-35 tires. I looked at the Michelin website, but they don't list weight. Those tire weights are rounded off, so wheel only weights are likely closer, say 23.5 & 25.5. Still, pretty respectable given the number of spokes.

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