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my order took over 7 months and nothing!
good luck if they really have in stock, askiles

But if they really have in stock, they should be able to ship to you straight away i guess?
I am now waiting for a refund. They kept on lying with many excuses, exact same thing that happend to me just like PunjaniM3.

I totally agreed that their wheels are hot, that is why i became their dealer for Thailand market and i'm screwed a big time losing customers. If you think you really have a good deal from 360, i even been offerred a FAR better deal than you for sure. However, i can't take another risk to order an extra set for them again EVER.

I don't want to post here how much i got an offer for,
but you guys will be shocked! (but on the other way, maybe he was just lying to me
to make me feel better, at the end they won't deliver anything to me anyway)