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HID HALO SEVERE MALFUNCTION!!!!!! Guru's chime in please

After 8 months of having HID halos, I have concluded they are the worst investment you can ever make! Last night about to head out the car wanted to blow up. All of sudden front passenger turn signal flickered and stayed on along with driver fender turn signal and the rear turn signal.....Yes the opposite sides of the car have something wrong with the turn signal staying on. The best part is the halo driver side stays on no matter what!!!!

You like my messages?

I pulled out fuse 86 which turned off all the turn signals but now my passenger side headlight dosent turn on. (I pulled this fuse for trial and error)

I disconnected battery and checked every fuse in the glove box. Is there another place with hidden fuses??

For those of you wondering: MY CAR

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