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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Very impressive indeed and shows that with some mods the M5 can be quicker than an RS6 estate, but when both are stock the RS6 is the quicker.

Also, not wanting to turn this into an Audi vs BMW debate but how do we know that this was all that was done to the M5. Can you tell us the respective drivers of each car and what forums are they from if any?


Even you T Bone have to admit that pound for pound, dollar for dollar, if you spent the same amount of money in the RS6 you would have given a hp lift of a bare minimum of 60hp and that would have meant 640hp which would have easily beaten this M5.

The M5 driver is TVAS from M5board. Dunno about the Audi driver but he may be a member of

The M5 guy spent $2000 or less. The biggest gains from the charcoal filter removal and the RPI scoops.

I would agree a tune on a turbo car would yield bigger in any naturally aspirated vs FI car.
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