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Originally Posted by AMJ_77 View Post
Sorry I should have specified, I meant about the 3.62. I am going to have to pull the trigger, it sounds like the most bang for the buck period for DCT. I am going to hold off on the Ti exhaust and get the escort 9500ci radar/laser setup instead. Try to save my butt. The exhaust looks awesome but really does little.

Oilers, pfff, those bastards have shaved years off of my life!

Man! You have two days of M school! Nice! Do you plan on tracking your beast a lot. I really don't have much experience along the lines of tracking. Would love to though, are you going to do any tracking here?

My fiance lives about 5 minutes from the Save-On
I agree for the DCT the 3.62 will make a huge driving difference.

Are you gonna go south or stay local? I've been told Bavaria charges the labour time not the time Dinan quotes so there could be some $$$ savings.

I am 5 mins away too.

I'll PM you when I get back, luv to see the car.

I might track it, I'll see how fast I really like to go. That or I am gonna scare the hell out of myself. I'm still all talk.