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Originally Posted by askiles View Post
So I only have 7 posts, what does that mean? You don't know how long I was on this message board before I registered.

I paid my deposit via PayPal, so I have buyer's protection going for me.

What really bothers me is that people like you continue to give this company money, even after several members on this forum and other forums have proven that 360 is doing NOTHING about their orders.

These people paid thousands of dollars and they have not received their wheels nor have they been given a refund. All of them have been given the runaround and empty promises and nothing was ever delivered. Do you know how easy it is to process a refund? I have my own company, and I can tell you it's as easy as pressing a button.

Who gives a shit if you'll have your wheels in two weeks? Out of principle, you should not order from this company until all these previous customers are taken care of. This is just despicable.

Here is a post from from a 360 forged customer:

hello fellow car enthusiasts,

I placed 2 orders with 360 forged back in november or september. I still have not received my rims. I understand that they are having delays but what is really bothering me is that

1.) they continue to keep lying to me on when my rims will be complete. They told me back in november my rims would be complete in 2 weeks and that they would get them to me once i paid in full. so i sent them a check. Still no rims for either the m6 and cayenne.

2.) they seem to be going bankrupt or something they claim they finished my m6 wheels but do not have the money to put the tires on them for me. WTF!!! how is this possible when i paid in full. with money order and cashiers check. I recently heard on mbworld that jordan got his ferrari and 2 houses repossessed or something. Not sure if that is true but i would not be suprised. They also would like me to wait 2 and a half more months for my cayenne rims. they have not even started them yet.

3.) Since they have not started the csyenne rims i asked them to return the money for them so i could buy a different set of rims. They said that they d not have the money to return to me.

4.) they do not have any money for my tires or to return my money for rims they have not staarted yet and things seem to be getting repossessed. I am scared that i will lose my money and am afraid i have just been scammed.

5.)over on mbworld i have heard that people have received rims in wrong colors and offsets and also delivered with no tires. I am scared to death of this happening. was this just one case or has this happened to many people on this board also? They also said that they have sent used rims out. what is up with that?

The reason i posted this was not to bash the company but to see if people on this board had similiar expiriences and to find out if people really had been receiving lower quslities rims than noted and also too see how much longer i would have to wait.

To put it this way how do you think 360 forged would feel if they sent me a set of rims and i decided to use them and then continue to say that i didnt have the money to pay for them.