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Originally Posted by cougfan335 View Post
I never thought of myself as a BMW elitist, this thread is a discussion of exterior appearance. I have felt I am not the best judge of this as I like a lot of cars history has proven are terrible looking (I think the Gremlin is pretty good looking, Pacer=not so much). I find the E92, the car I have, pretty good looking. It could have used a higher trunk lip, some fender flaring, lower front spoiler and some hood crinkle or strakes. The 1 is ugly as sin, the new 7 looks worse than the old, the 5 wagon is gorgeous, the X6 looks pretty good, the new X5 is less attractive than the old and the Z3 was one of the best looking cars of all time (except in purple).
The best-looking BMW ever, in my mind, was the ///M Coupe of clown shoe fame.... Not the non-M version. That think stunk of testosterone-driven proportions. And, like many other BMW's, kicked the shit out of cars with much more power.

Sometimes, the car that makes you tingle isn't necessarily one that you would call "pretty" but that doesn't mean it isn't a good looking car.