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Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
IF you guys are interested in a serious sealent/wax, my cousin imports this stuff called Autobrill from Switzerland ( I believe). You only have to use it once a year, last 15000-20000 km. Ive never offered it online before, not sure if he would be willing to sell the product or if he is the one who would apply it for you. I purchased some myself (I used to detail high end cars, and I still do some for some of my good customers). Its not cheap stuff, but it works and it lasts a LONG, LONG time. I havent waxed my car since I got it in June. And believe it or not, the water drips off of it when it rains or when i I wash it as if I waxed it yesterday. Price is usually $350-$400 for 3 stage (clay bar/compound/wax). Depending on the car and how bad it is...anyways, just throwing it out there!
Cool, ive heard of this stuff somewhere, but i can't put my finger on it, we should talk more about it at the next meet...always curious to try new products, as I said Ive been using Jetseal109 from chemical guys which works great but breaks down very quickly for a be curious to know what they offer specifically in a sealant (not clay, compound, polish or wax)