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Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
Worlds Best Wax! Thats what I have been using for the past 5 or so years. I use the one with the higher carnuba content - you?

I have a makita rotary but man you have to be careful - I lent it to a buddy and he burned thru the clear in a few places. I have heard really good things about the Flex. I am just an amateur so the porter will be just fine for me.
Yup i told them they need to get rid of the cheesy name, but its a good product, and can literally be applied by hand....very similar to a wax from the UK called "dodo juice"

the makita is a great machine in skilled hands you really shouldnt burn through clearcoats unless you leave it running on one spot or didnt properly apply polish as well as spray some lubricant or water to the pad...the key is to constantly keep it moving! but yes rotarys leave much less room for error, hence the value of a random orbital

you ever check out the detailing forum Autopia? they have great professional step by step details of some nice cars... someone posted a 4 day, 50 hour detail of a Gallardo the other day!