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Originally Posted by aus View Post
Just click "Vehicle Complaint" to start the very easy process. You must include your VIN to make the complaint hold any weight. I can't believe there are less than 20 complaints when these threads go on forever wtih people bitching and not doing anything about it.
+ 1000000

Where are all the complaints to NHTSA guys? The issue may never get addressed without them involved. Hey, I don't think the NHTSA is a perfect organization either, but they are all we have. BMW won't do anything if they cannot make a business case for a fix. The NHTSA at least cares about safety first.

P.S. Get the VINs in with those complaints!

P.P.S. Who is the dork mucking up the works with all the 335i complaints in the wrong place? And someone put an M-DCT complaint in the 3 series category too.
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