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Just had my H&R's installed this past weekend. Prior to the springs I drove with EDC in comfort mode and my overall impression was that the ride was pretty good. A little rough in some instances but overall good.

With the h&r's I've been driving in Normal mode and I must say I love the feel of the h&r's. I won't say it contributed anything in terms of handling because I haven't really tested it like that. However, the ride has remained the same if not better to me. This may sound stupid but coming from lowered cars..the m sat high for me in its stock form. The car feels just right at this point.

As for the drop, I have the factory 18's. You can tell the car is lowered but its not slammed..however I'm pretty sure once it settles it should be just right now. I'll snap some pics.

Conclusion: At this point no regrets whatsoever with going w/ h&r springs..


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