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Originally Posted by Danconia View Post
Long time lurker who has been on the fence about exhaust mods....

Stuck in horrible cherry blossom tourist DC traffic today (6mt) and see a AW e92 M3 while I was on 14th st.....looked lowered, BBS wheels (I think) and exhaust.

Twas my first time hearing an M3 with an exhaust and now I need to hear it again!!! I get some glances when I pull from a red light but when this dude stepped on it EVERY tourist on the corner snapped to attention. It sounded like pure aural perfection and even though I was driving around in my own, that made my day. Anybody here? Kudos to you sir.
That would be me heading back home from the Caps game. I cannot believe the traffic in DC for the Cherry Blossoms. Where did you see my car? I dont think I was able to give it much gas being stuck in traffic.