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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Without MDM, I think it's your only choice.

For me, with MDM, the extra confidence to take slaloms and chicanes very agreessively should be good for a tenth or two.

MDM sounds fun. Makes me think about getting tech next time around. Though running the car raw is fun too.

I have some photos of the autox, a buddy took some, I'll post a link after I talk to him.

FYI: I had been preparing for autox by learning heel and toe the last few weeks. I have a link to a good 5 step program if anyone is interested. Any way my practice involved doing clovers on the freeway late at nite, onramps off ramps build up speed, downshift for hard exits. I did my regular practice session today, incorporating much of what I learned from the autox instructors and I was pleasantly surprised. DSC was on by the way :-( , but the basic skills like looking ahead and looking closer, steering wheel use, corner approach, brake/shift timing all were different than the way I approached my "special" course before. And it was a lot more fun. Maybe the fact that I had pushed the car hard at the autocross and seen what the "limits" were made a difference, but either way, everything seemed so much smoother and I felt the car and I were working together. (even though I felt the car was saying "push me harder"). I also realized after autox, heel and toe from 5th is pointless, you never get to 5th on a track, 4-3 probably rarely, so I started approaching my corners with 4-3, 3-2 in mind instead of 5-4, 4-3, 3-2 and it is so much different. The 5-4 is a light blip, almost pointless, the 4-3 and the 3-2 are IMO the most important to nail correctly. Having 2 shifts instead of 3 on a tight corner is so much easier (for me) to handle and I tend to get those 2 shifts better than trying a 543 shift in the same space.

Beginners mind FTW !