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Originally Posted by Big Windy View Post
JB E93 this afternoon at about 1230 near tysons at the intersection of chain bridge rd. and international drive. sped off from the light pretty hard and exhaust sounded great!
I think that might have been me! If JB means Jerez Black (not Jet Black).

I usually don't take off quickly unless I have to, but I do wind it up before shifting quite often. Even driving this car in a fairly tame way is quite dramatic sounding because of where it likes to shift.

There is at least one other Jerez Black E93 M3 in the area that I saw that same weekend (~3/28) on Lee Highway in Falls Church, near the I-66 overpass (in front of the Bear Rock Cafe). Another member here thought he saw me in Mclean at a car wash one day, but it wasn't me. So, there may be multiple JB verts in the Arlington/Mclean/Falls Church area.

I see LOTS of nice cars driving around in this area--BMWs, Porsches, Mercs, Jags. Saw a silver Vanquish, a Delorean, and the Ferrari that Magnum PI used to drive (can't think of the model--308 maybe?) just today. Parked beside a yellow Gallardo a couple of weeks ago. Sorry if that's