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RDSport RS 46 - Complete picture set (No 56k)

Since the other thread has too many pages to sift through, here are most of the pictures I’ve posted, and together they summarize the build of a complete RS 46 car. I don't have pictures of a couple parts but I'll update this when I do.

For all enquiries it is best to contact Racing Dynamics S.p.A or RDSport directly. It's their product, and they’ve been doing this sort of thing for nearly 30 years, so they are the only ones that can guarantee correct and consistent answers.

Thanks to all the support and kind words from the forum from the first thread.

Weight of the original piston and connecting rod (sorry I've saved the picture as being upright but when hosted it reverts back to the original angle):

Weight of the new piston and connecting rod:

Pictures of the engine being assembled:

New header:

Bodykit pictures:

‘Race’ edition front spoiler:

Full bodykit with ‘sport’ edition front spoiler (the following pics are of a completed car with the 4.6L motor)

Finally, some quick pictures of my car:

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