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Originally Posted by xsi123 View Post

I am configuring a 2009 M3 Sedan and I am a little bit confused on what options to select in order to use the iPhone 3G.

This is what I want:

1. Be able to connect the iPhone to iDrive and hear from the car speakers when in a phone call.
2. Sometimes change the iPhone (not connected to the charger all the time but be able to use the phone functionality at least)
3. Use the iPod application within iPhone to listen music from the car speakers and control the iPod application using iDrive
4. Have both music and phone accessible at the same time (meaning not having to remove/replace/plug different cables to use the phone or iPod application)
5. Be able to connect another iPod mini and hear music from the car speakers and control the iPod mini using iDrive

I am a little bit confused on what options to get.

Configuring the car there are these options:
There is an "iPod and USB Adapter"
then there is the "Smartphone Integration"
also the "BMW Assist with Bluetooth Wireless Technology"

also I am reading that there is a "Snap-in adapter" (not available when you configure the car) and also a Y cable.

Can someone tell me what options I need?

All the options that you listed are required in your order with your M3 if you want to meet your needs.

The iPod cable will be included with the USB adapter option, however the Smartphone-specific iPhone 3G snap in cradle (84212151043) will not be included with the option.

You cannot have access to the iPhone music if the USB adapter is in use. It is an either/or music access.