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Originally Posted by Subw00er View Post
Dont mean to thread hijack, but I have a similar question on the 2008 e92. I see a part # for the 2008 e92 on the bmw accessories page - 84 10 9 182 793

I am buying a car with bluetooth, but no 6fl. I have asked for the iphone adapter kit (84 10 9 182 793). Will this allow me to play music from my iphone?!

Is this the correct part #? Is this just the cradle, and there is some other part I need to get it working?? I think the site said something about needing another part.. so confusing. I guess I just need to know what parts are required to hook up my iphone with all functionality. The dealer said the install required going behind the radio for hookup, but I never thought that it might play mp3's through my iphone.. Is this just a 2009 idrive feature?
Are you sure the part# is 84 10 9 182 793 not 792?
This part won't allow you to play music from your iphone but will charge and imporve reception.
And you also need to get "Eject Box" to make that cradle works.

I have my custom made cradle/dock installed,
It will charge and play music from iPhone but no connection to the roof mounted telephone antenna.
I will post new thread soon, stay tuned.