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Originally Posted by CSMRX7 View Post
Thats a list of all the red light cameras. Not all have been converted yet. My understanding is that if they have the old red light camera sign then they do not do speed on green, but if they have removed that sign and replaced it with one that does not say its for red lights then it will be a speed on green camera.

I didn't realize there was so many of them around.
Unless I'm being lied to I have been told ALL red light cameras have been converted. The CPS is doing nothing to discredit the rumours about the old signs and that it's taking time to convert them all. That's what they want everyone to think so they can grab more money. The converstion period for the cameras was during our warning period. I was told as of April 1 they ALL became active.

True or not that's what I was told.

SO HERE'S AN IDEA.... Lets put all the speed cameras in, take away Race City, and let Exotic Dealerships open so no one has ANYWHERE to drive all these great cars!! What a great effing idea that is!!!

Good luck out there boys.....
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