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Originally Posted by monsta View Post
lol you guys are cracking me what crew would I roll w/ all I do is rest my head in NJ so roughly 8hrs of my day but the rest is spent in NY hmmmm


I'm thinking May 3rd for a DRIVING ///MEET!!! will start a thread soon meet up time & destination is yet to be decided but driving meets shouldn't be close if you ask me....if its up to me it'll be aleast a 2hr drive one way MINIMUM!!!!! & to a great destination i.e. (just an example of rides I've taken on the bike) I know I'm crazy but what other way to go for a drive...I think Manny & I went for a 7 hr round trip drive one time all back roads though LMAO!!!
That sounds like it would be a great time, I am eagerly waiting for the thread buddy!!!