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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
I would appreciate it if you were not to misquote me. You cut off the second sentence. The full sentence/quote from my previous post would read:

"(there are huge losses in the transfer process that people are not aware of. More than 90% I think if you analyze what it takes to produce what you get out of a plug in your home)"
Sorry, I quoted as much as I thought necessary. Since the rest was ill defined I mistakenly interpreted it as redundant. It's unclear from the original quote if the "transfer process" referred to moving an energy source from something in the environment to the plug or the much more clearly defined process of transferring electricity from a power plant to a plug? I thought you were talking about the later but now it seems like you are talking about something more. When you say "what it takes" in the unquoted text that could mean anything from a simple power line loss analysis all the way up to a business analysis including how efficient the business runs including sub contractors and/or an entire economic model. Given what I now think you are talking about what does that even mean in conjunction with this discussion? The reality is that the car (the thing in the video) doesn't pollute. That guy never talked about the power industry or how efficient it is or anything of that nature. So what's the deal?

Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Also, environmental impact metrics and measurements systems have been invented. You can do a complete life cycle analysis on any product. There is an entire industy built around that premise.
Great, then the other poster was suggesting we do some sort of multi million dollar study and argue over it indefinitely? I've seen these studies debated. They provide estimates based on varying degrees of research of how much waste of this or that or the other thing is produced over the life of the product. They do not compare lead to carbon monoxide nor have a definitive agreement as to the relative "pollution" impact or something that would be helpful like that. I don't think there is any sort of agreement on an apples to apples metric that can be used to study pollution in various formats throughout various industries and encompassing industrial inefficiencies. Sure we can do a study, but given the scope of what you guys are talking about it's a red herring and will not clarify anything.

Originally Posted by lucid View Post
I was responding to the mindset of the person in the video clip, who seems to think that the electricity out of a plug comes at no pollution cost.
Now who's misquoting whom? I think this is the root of the problem. The person in the clip makes no such boast, claim or inference except to say that his car, not the electricity out of the plug, doesn't pollute. With the exception of that single quote, the entire 9:48 of video is almost entirely about how fast electric cars can go and/or that electricity can be just as fast as gasoline. Nobody ever talks about the electric industry or recycling. That's something introduced here.